Returning of the Heart Light

  Recently, I had someone ask me why I won’t let Bobby off the hook yet. I actually asked myself the same question not long ago. (Need the back story? Click here) Sometimes it really does get tiresome. And it … Continue reading

Sunday {Soul Compass} Begins September 28th!

Getting pretty excited, anxious (in the best of ways!) and all geared up to launch Sunday {Soul Compass} weekly readings! Tomorrow morning, September 28, 2014, will be the first installment… ❤ ❤ ❤ (FYI…there will also be super flexible options … Continue reading

Challenge Yourself from a Feeling Place

Change. Any change. Relationship changes, spending changes, exercise changes, habit changes…they can all be really difficult. Or…they can be a challenge and still flow with ease at the same time. Sounds strange at first, I know. But from personal experience, … Continue reading

Soul Diving

3.3 miles. The most I’ve ran in almost 6 months. Neck deep into 4 weeks of a kickass class that includes mantras, yoga, meditation, journaling, heart-exploring…and we are coming to the end of a week-long hiatus in the 12 week-long class. Hot damn. … Continue reading

Power. Beauty. Freedom.

Sometimes it’s the conversations with dear girlfriends that warrant the biggest epiphanies. I never realized we’d been waging the same battle, albeit different fields. It’s tonight that I take the strength I gained from both of our ah-ha’s and share … Continue reading

Gifts of Being a Woman

#ishineyoushine Project – Day Three “My experience being a woman – the love and the struggle” Write out your answer, draw a picture or shoot a video and post to FB or Instagram with #ishineyoushine. Being a woman is a … Continue reading