Sunday {Soul Compass} – Clarity = Comfort In the Midst of Pain – Melissa Teel-Hartman


So here’s the deal.

For as much pain and heartache as that affair that I was in cost me – when my mentor walked away, I still knew what it was that I wanted to develop into and how I wanted to feel within my Self. I honestly believe that knowing my heart’s desire and being willing to follow through with that is what helped to keep me from becoming a monumentally depressed sinking ship.

I knew that regardless of his approval or support or even more narcissistic was being led to believe I needed his permission, I was still destined and I still desired to help people – especially women – to rise up into their own power and live a more fulfilled and conscious life.

Now that being said, I did not know what it would look like and I did not define specifically how I expected it to appear. I just trusted that it would. Being clear with my desires is exactly what warmed my heart when it felt like everything else was falling apart around me. It was my home. It was safe. It was something that not a single solitary soul could take away from me.

Be clear with your desires. No matter how specific. No matter how general.

Neither is right. Neither is wrong.

They are just perfect for what is appropriate for you.

Just get clear, sunshine. And watch Source go to work.

xoxo ~ Mel


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