Merry Christmas – Melissa Teel-Hartman


We let the kids open a bunch of gifts last night (hence they are still sleeping! lol) and now I sit here enjoying a cup of coffee, the first of three pies baking in the oven, and watching the snow fall ever so lightly and delicately over the frozen ground. Peering outside my kitchen window I saw two deer comfortably bedded down beneath our old apple tree by the shed, quietly and calmly resting their lithe bodies. Their large ears perked and their heads turned my way as I filled my coffee pot with water and snapped on a wee bit of light.

It may have been a rough year. There may have been times when I wasn’t so sure that I was doing the “right” things. My heart was cracked so freakin’ far open I didn’t know if I would ever truly recover. That man broke my heart, my trust in love and my intuition, and my being into so many minute slivers that it seemed I’d never find a way nor the strength to be whole ever again.

Despite that – it’s been one beautiful year. I have two gloriously beautiful, compassionate, loving, and creative children, a boyfriend now who although he doesn’t understand what I do still loves and supports me in every way he knows how, friends and family that have backed me up through thick and thin (even when I least deserved it), and overall – a life that I am in love with….and it just keeps getting better and better.

I don’t believe a woman can ask for much more.

Enjoy this day, my friends and family. Love one another. Love yourself. Take each second in as best as possible – find the beauty in the space you’re holding, even if it doesn’t seem that beautiful at first. Let the love of the Spirit fill your heart and warm your soul. It’s an extraordinary day to be alive.

Merry Christmas, dear ones. Merry Christmas. ❤ ❤ ❤

xoxo – Mel


One thought on “Merry Christmas – Melissa Teel-Hartman

  1. Merry day to you too Melissa dear. You’ve shown us all how strong we can be if we just start picking up the pieces, 1 sliver at a time. Our hearts might get broken but our souls remain solid and pure, we just have to find them again. Love what you do for all of us with your beautiful writings— thanks for the flow…

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