Sunday {Soul Compass} – Prioritizing Equals Focused Thought

IMG_6148.JPG (Today’s card is drawn from the “Archangel Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue)

Before we dive headlong into this morning’s reading, I want you to take a deep, cleansing breath. Close your eyes. Relax. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, releasing tension in each muscle as best you can. Breath in – deep, slow, and rejuvenating. Now, with the exhale – I want you to expel every ounce of grey and yucky feeling ick from your body. In your minds eye, literally breath that grey fog out of your body. Another deep, cleansing breath in – fill your body with clean, clear, bright-feeling, refreshing energy, revel in it for just a bit (repeat as many times as necessary to feel clear and connected – I usually need at two or three times through to get comfortable) – and off we go! ❤

So, let’s begin…

How’s the retrograde been treating you? And the lunar eclipse? It was definitely gorgeous, but if you’re anything like me, you can feel the energy swirling around and jumpin’ and a shakin’ every which way. Sometimes, all this torrential movement makes it a little tough to stay centered and in focus, but that is precisely what this period of time is helping train us to do: get focused and set your energetic priorities. It’s about taking personal responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, our decisions – all of it. Every last piece of it. What’s even more fun (yes, that’s sarcasm you’re sensing…lol) is that aaaall of those fun little issues that we’ve tended to stuff away and want to deal with at a later time – well, now is that later time and boy howdy – look out. There is no dodging what Universe is bound and determined to make us try to face this go around. It’s almost like a massive and wondrous gift, even if it really doesn’t quite seem like it. It may feel chaotic. It may feel unnerving. It may feel a tad overwhelming. Underneath all of it though, Source is also providing us some pretty amazing guideposts for maneuvering through this colossal flood of swirling energy…if you only take the time to pause and tune it. You have got this…just take a deep breath and read on.

Archangel Metatron is the angel that visits us today to remind us this week of a few things in regards to how to get our poop in a group and ride the wave of chaotic energy flowing about us. It is no surprise that Metatron would be the archangel to pop up as it is said that Metatron rules over all, the living things below and the living things above, and is the mediator between Heaven and Earth. Metatron is also associated with the Merkabah. The Merkabah, as described as part of sacred geometry, is typically used to help clear away lower energies, which makes total and complete sense as to why Metatron would show up during this time period. We will be dealing with the lower energies of our lives that we have yet to fully assess and work through, so therefore Metatron comes to offer his assistance, if you are willing to take his hand. This is especially of importance to those who are very sensitive to the energy and those who inadvertently absorb energies around them. Simply stated, when called upon, Metatron can help to remove and clear those lower energies related to all the issues that are coming up during this retrograde that do not belong to you or no longer serve your higher self.

Lastly, and most importantly this week, as we delve deeper into our “stuff”, is the subject of breath. Breath is our link to the Universe, it is our life force, our prana; it is so simple, yet so profound. Yes, we must breathe to stay alive and function in these physical bodies we are inhabiting presently. But we can also use our breath to control our emotions, well being, and ultimately to calm and quiet our minds. Mellowing out the busy, stressed, overwhelmed mind allows us to connect to our higher selves, guides, angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. It gives us the opportunity to connect body, mind and spirit in the truest sense of the word. When we learn proper meditation techniques and focus on our breath, magic happens! If you want to learn more about proper breathing techniques and its tremendous healing benefits try The Breathing Book, by Donna Farhi. Focusing on your breathing will help you to calm and quiet your mind; allowing peace, harmony, balance and joy to prevail during this energetic upheaval known at Mercury Retrograde.

So you have a choice; where do you want to focus your energy? Are you going to fight the flow of energy and the changes that are taking place with that flow, or will you simply become more aware, prioritize where you choose to place your focus (thoughts), and allow your Self to ride the wave of retrograde with as much grace and ease as possible?

xoxo ~ Mel


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xoxo ~ Mel

One thought on “Sunday {Soul Compass} – Prioritizing Equals Focused Thought

  1. Right on target, there missy. It’s a beneficial post in that it REMINDS me how to gain my focus, rather than simply be frustrated because I can’t stay focused….garble everywhere. Thanks! Hope you’re well. ~Kerri

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