Teeter Totter of Trust


When will you start valuing your inner Higher Self, i.e. Source, as much as or more than, your outer world?

Trust is not quietly allowing someone pull the wool over your eyes and being okay with it. Intentionally hurtful behaviors from loved ones and those who are close to us that shatter the heart, make you question your own personal loyalty to your Self, and encourage you to doubt your own spiritual knowingness – they are manipulation tactics based in that person’s own fear of being open and vulnerable. It stands to reason that if you can be scared into not being open and vulnerable, into virtually shutting down and pinching off your own vibrant energetic core, that those people will constantly be holding themselves away from that delicate, delicious, honored, and empowering space alongside you. Ultimately, they are avoiding raising their own vibration and withholding the ability from themselves to carry a similar, resonating vibration as you, bringing you down with them in the process. That, my friends, is allowing yourself to be a doormat. That is you not trusting your Self, not trusting Source. That is trusting your outer world before trusting your inner or Higher Self. That is a recipe for misery because you are nowhere near in alignment with your true desires.

So you do one of two things – you can one, pick up and move on, trust in your Self, in Source, and co-create a glorious, fulfilling, creative, and passionate life for yourself; or two, you can continue to believe the pile of crap that you’re being fed and live in self-doubt and misery because you’ve allowed someone else’s lack of self-love to control how you feel about your own being.

It’s about choices.

What will you choose?

xoxo ~ MelIMG_6090.PNG

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