Sunday {Soul Compass} – This Too Shall Pass

(Today’s cards are drawn from the “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards” deck by Collette Baron-Reid)


Before we dive headlong into this morning’s reading, I want you to take a deep, cleansing breath. Close your eyes. Relax. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, releasing tension in each muscle as best you can. Breath in – deep, slow, and rejuvenating. Now, with the exhale – I want you to expel every ounce of grey and yucky feeling ick from your body. In your minds eye, literally breath that grey fog out of your body. Another deep, cleansing breath in – fill your body with clean, clear, bright-feeling, refreshing energy, revel in it for just a bit (repeat as many times as necessary to feel really clear and connected – I usually need at two or three times through to get comfortable) – and off we go! ❤

So, let’s begin…

Ever feel like you’re running through a quagmire of tar, unable to lift a foot out of the yuck that you’ve found yourself in? Or, no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to get your point across to anyone without fudging it up just a tish?

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde! (More info on what this is here.)

So, that being said, it is said to be the starting days of Mercury in retrograde, meaning there are bound to be issues in all kinds of areas of communication, including electronic malfunctions, misinformation, and our own self-expression within relationships of all sorts. It can really manifest in a plethora of ways. “The Desert Prince” comes to us as an Ally – meaning that although this could be a potentially difficult time for us, it is important to not necessarily place all of our eggs in one basket and remember that despite the external conditions, extraordinary life can form and thrive. This may seem like a particularly difficult time for many of us, but these dry spells are nothing more than intermittent tests of our faith and courage to remain steadfast in our dreams, regardless of the outside circumstances.

Truth be told, I almost didn’t feel the nudge to draw a second card for today and nearly left it at one. Never fails though – that nudge always pleasantly surprised me when I pay attention to it. The reason I say that is because the second card that came up for today was “The Rainbow Prince”. Not only does the message this card brings make me giggle but the mere fact that it has the numeral 26 (the ‘official’ day after Mercury comes out of retrograde) – just makes me smile and further trust in how Source pulls it all together – everytime. “The Rainbow Prince” comes to give us hope after the rainstorm. He comes in to show us that even though the days may be weary and long, there is compensation and reward awaiting us at the end of this section of our journey. For each of us, this obviously will look different, but the rewards will be there nonetheless. The Prince also reminds us to keep our sights (thoughts) set high and on our highest dreams and potentials in order to follow our bliss of life’s journey, manifest our intentions strongly and boldly, and gain the rewards that we so richly deserve and are worthy of.

So in a sense – it might be that time of Mercury in retrograde – but this too shall pass. And the benefits of having let ourselves flow with what is, be kind to ourselves and others, and truly be in sync with the ever changing tides – is immeasurably wise and completely delightful in the best of ways.

xoxo ~ Mel

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2 thoughts on “Sunday {Soul Compass} – This Too Shall Pass

  1. Always amazes me when I read your blog, I always think it’s just for me! lol. Knew about mercury retrograde, but forgot when it comes out. I’ll keep my eye on the 26th! Thanks for your words of wisdom sister!

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