Gah! I couldn’t help but giggle reading this latest post/picture on Facebook. In so many cases, this is SO damn true. It was that perception from a former mentor that I allowed to hold me back for so long. The words and actions never matched the energy that came behind those statements. He would say very encouraging words, although I could feel the overpowering energy pull behind them, not realizing then what it was.

The thing of it is, it’s not about being better or more successful than one person or another. It’s being successful in and standing in our own power – as unique individuals – yet realizing that we all come from the same place.

What I’ve learned from recent experience is to remember that there may be a teacher/student relationship, but to never forget that we are always one and the same – the teacher always being a student, and the student always being the teacher as well.

xoxo ~ Mel


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