#ishineyoushine (Sept. 2014) – Day Two – “The way I want to feel in my body is _____.”

Day Two —‬ “The way I want to feel in my body is ______”


How do I want to feel in my body? Hmmmm…. The first image that immediately came to mind was a radiant sun. I want to feel warmth. I want to feel passion. I want to feel the courage to always be as open and vulnerable and free and bright as I can possibly be. I want to feel powerful in my own body. Power to stand grounded in and connected to who I am, where I come from, and what I desire from life.

One of my favorite Danielle LaPorte quotes ever is to have an “Open, gentle heart. Big f*cking fence.” Given all that has come to pass over these last few weeks, THIS has become my morning mantra to keep me open rather than becoming closed off and jaded.

Yes, this.

Open. Gentle. Free. Peaceful. Grounded. Divinely connected. Radiant. Powerful. Passionate. Courageous.

THIS is how I want to feel in MY body.

xoxo ~ Mel

Thanks to Liz DiAlto (www.wildsoulmovement.com/ishineyoushine) for putting on the #ishineyoushine once again. Always look forward to the journey during this time. Click on her website link above if you’d like to join us on this 7-day inward journey.

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