#ishineyoushine (Sept 2014) – Day Three – Connect With Nature

#ishineyoushine Day Three: Connect with Nature.

Take 5 minutes today to connect with your favorite form of nature (either get in it or if you can’t get to it find some great pics) and see how it makes you FEEL more like you—


For me, it’s being amongst the trees with flowing water nearby. It’s my “home”. It’s where I feel most grounded, fluid, open, solid in my personal power and at ease. Living in the heart of the sacred Black Hills offers some great opportunities to really reconnect when my world feels like it’s out of whack…and I’m blessed that my current job gives me that opportunity in our own backyard…even if it is covered in snow, it’s still breathtakingly gorgeous!

xoxo ~ Mel

http://www.wildsoulmovement.com/ishineyoushine @LizDiAlto

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