#ishineyoushine (Sept 2014) – Day Four – “What’s in your heart that needs to go?”


#ishineyoushine Day Four: “What’s in your heart that needs to go?”

Gah! So when I first read this, I felt that familiar anger pop up from a past relationship. Humiliation, resentment, and LOTS of shame….which when I start to feel all of those things leads into me being one incredibly pissed off , fiery woman. At that point, I’d usually just shut down. Not let myself feel anger because it’s not “appropriate” to be angry at him or myself…a limiting belief that I grew up with as a child and carried over with me as an adult. What I’m finding is this – I let myself cry like a baby this morning after getting angry…really hard, soul shaking, chest heaving sobbing…and I felt better. It released. I released it as best as I could. I had let go of that part of what had surfaced in that anger.

So what in my heart needs to go?

The belief that feeling anger is inappropriate. Until recently, I never realized that I’d held onto this belief so strongly. The belief that I have no right to feel the way I feel in this particular situation because I willingly participated in it and shaming and blaming myself and him for a shitty situation that we BOTH created together.

It is what it is. It was what it was.

And it’s ok.

Feeling it ALL…is ok. 🙂

xoxo ~ Mel

Join the #ishineyoushine movement with its creator, Liz DiAlto, at http://www.wildsoulmovement.com/ishineyoushine

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