#ishineyoushine (Sept 2014) – Day Five – Write yourself a love letter.


Day 5: ‪#‎ishineyoushine‬ – Write yourself a love letter.

There were a lot of things that came to mind today when I started to write for this prompt, especially after seeing a very physically frail yet strong spirited, huge hearted, and tough woman lying in a hospital bed before me while I held her slim, chilled hand. It was all I could do to hold back tears.

And I also thought back to an earlier conversation this morning with my friend, Melissa, nothing deep, just chatter, but it reminded me of Jennifer Pastiloff (whom she was traveling with) and her quote that always takes my breath away: “When I get to the end of my life and ask one final ‘What have I done?’ let my answer be, ‘I have done love.'”

When I look at my love letter, I can say, “I have done love.” — and mean it.

xoxo ~ Mel

—–> via Liz DiAlto

Day 5 #ishineyoushine prompt is to write yourself a Love note. Something I firmly believe is that we teach people how to treat us. One of the ways to do this is to lead by example. How do you treat yourself? Are you willing to give and do for yourself anything you’d ask or desire of another? Today’s prompt is a fun way to practice. Write your note, snap a pic and post to FB or Instagram with #ishineyoushine! Since this is really personal, you don’t have to let us read your note unless you really want to. Wild Soul Movement ‪#‎wildsoul‬ ‪#‎wildsoulmovement‬ ‪#‎lovenote‬ ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎ihavedonelove‬ ‪#‎beautyhunter‬


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