#ishineyoushine 2014 – Day One – It is SAFE for me to SHINE!


Day One —- It is SAFE for me to SHINE!

Gads! I can’t believe ‪#‎ishineyoushine‬ is already back…but seriously….what freakin’ perfect timing in my life.

Last time around I was holding back and working into walking out of a relationship that no longer served me. Funny enough, everything finally came to a massive head this last weekend and I feel more free than I have in weeks, months, hell…the last two years!

My biggest lesson:

“Be unafraid to speak the truth, regardless of how ugly it can be because if you don’t say it like it is, you lose the power to change.”

When you speak your truth from a place of love, even of it’s tough love (regardless of THEIR perception), the freedom you have the potential of experiencing is extraordinary! I say this because I personally took that leap of faith and laid down my boundaries in that relationship. What I was okay with and what I was not. Really looking at the circumstances out from behind those rose colored glasses and seeing it for what it was…and there are parts of it that were downright toxic. Difference being now is that the toxic parts no longer belong to me. I’ve shed my skin, per se, of hanging onto his baggage and have lovingly made the choice to hang back until the coast is clear. If it ever is. And if not, at least I know I took care of me in the best way possible.

During #ishineyoushine last spring and by participating in the Wild Soul Movement class this summer, I really came into learning to lean in on myself and some of the strongest women I know. By doing so, I’ve restored a good chunk of my personal power back and am feeling ready to shine brighter than ever before!

I will SHINE…no matter what!!! Come shine with us…

xoxo ~ Mel

——> Via Liz DiAlto:

#ishineyoushine is back!

Your Day 1 activity is to write out, draw on your body or post somewhere, “It is safe for me to shine.” We always start with that permission and declaration.

Then post your pic on Facebook using the hashtag #ishineyoushine – you can also tag me and up to five friends you want to invite along for the next week as we explore creativity, self-expression and body love together. ‪#‎wildsoul‬ ‪#‎wildsoulmovement‬

Can’t wait to see your shiny faces all day! xo

Click the link to join and share: http://wildsoulmovement.com/ishineyoushine

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