Audio Version – “Baby, Be Brave”


The audio version of “Baby, Be Brave” is now available here on SoundCloud!!! Keep your eyes peeled for several more audio tracks of your favorite posts – coming up soon!

xoxo ~ Mel

Baby, be brave…

I was taught by a dear love sometime ago that feeling…letting our emotions bubble to the surface, acknowledging them, and learning from them…is the truest form of strength and power there is.

Often times, I’ve found it’s working through the hard feelings, the uncomfortable stuff, the “I-don’t-wanna-go-there” stuff that you find the most beautiful light on the other side. A brilliance is revealed that had you not waded through the shit pool of uncomfortableness, had you closed up and turned your attention away, the gloriousness of what is in your experience now would have been lost to your awareness.

Dealing with the uncomfortable, being vulnerable, doesn’t mean you have to swim and dilly dally in the caca pool to get to the other side. It’s finding that once you’re wading through it and walking ashore onto fresh sand, that you’re coming out clearer and more focused than ever before. On the other side is that point where you realize and find trust that you have the ability to discover and tap into a stronger, more aware, more fulfilling, more loving, more enriching soul experience than you ever believed awaited you.

So go there…I know in my heart of hearts, you can do it.

Be uncomfortable. Be vulnerable.

Baby, be brave… And let the brilliance that is you light up this magnificent world…

xoxo ~ Mel


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