Thimble Abundance



It’s an interesting little concept.

In today’s New Age world of self-help, we continue to be told if we just ALLOW our desires, they will come. That Universe has no way of NOT letting what it is that we desire come flowing into our lives.

Well, what happens when we know exactly what it is that we want and then it STILL isn’t coming? When there seems to be detours that we are hitting left and right no matter how hard we try? When our focus and intentions seem to be clear and straightforward and absolutely spot on and we are STILL hitting a brick wall?

Maybe we are trying to create thimble abundance.

Thimble abundance meaning that we put our “order” into the universe of what it is that we want, but we have outlined so succinctly how we “think” it ought to manifest that we are shooting ourselves in the foot. We are limiting the options for ourselves that Universe can serve us what it is that we’ve asked for. We don’t recognize the opportunity when it comes in ways other than what we’ve delineated appropriate or “right”. Rather than having open arms and taking in all that It has to offer, we stick our expectations on the process and try to make Universe present our desires to us within the confines of this itty, bitty tiny thimble.

I don’t know about you, but from where I’m sitting, that seems slightly counterproductive. It also seems kind of egotistical on our part.  I’ll be the first one to admit, too, that I’m as guilty as the next person of outlining. Goodness sakes, am I ever! It’s a never ending learning process though…

Universe sees us from a higher perspective. It creates and orchestrates those opportunities to us that are unknown. It IS that higher perspective. So therefore, there are options and paths for manifesting the very same outcome that we can’t even begin to imagine from our very limited human perspective most times. The surprises that happen when they do manifest…those…THOSE  are some fun times! Those glittery, inspiration laden moments that leave you laughing with delight and quite possibly stunned in awe. Priceless.


This, my dear, is where trust and faith comes into the picture as well as learning to create from the EMOTION of the desire rather than focusing on the physical HAVING of the desire. Finding and trusting that safe harbor within the emotions that the desire elicits and using that energy to create your reality.

“When you are committed to feeling the way you want to feel, you become less attached to the form things show up in.” ~ Danielle LaPorte

I’ve run across this in so many instances in the last few months, with both myself and with several good friends. It’s like taking a job that on the outside looks like an absolute self-sabotaging pile of poo, but in your gut, in your heart of hearts, you KNOW and FEEL that it’s what’s right for you. You’ve been asking for a change in career. Something that makes you feel alive. Makes you feel enlivened and powerful within your personal strengths. It’s having the kind of trust and faith to recognize that this is  just a stepping stone to creating the kind of career that you DO want. This IS creation. TRUSTING that it is all coming to pass for the greater good of your future. Knowing that Universe is bringing you exactly what it is that you’ve been asking for and also recognizing that in order for that to happen, a certain amount of change has to take place. Out with the old, in with the new. Even though more often than not, change can elicit fear and pull up resistance,  it’s all about being self aware enough to see it for what it is and letting it pass by, focusing on the emotion of the end desire and utilizing the power behind that feeling to continually create, day by day, moment by moment.

Trusting your Self and trusting Universe.

Co-creating your reality.

So let’s exchange that thimble for unlimited, open arms, shall we, and see what we can create for ourselves.

I’m game, are you?


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