Guideposts & Lighthouses



Titles for those plethora of roles that we fill.

The list seems to be endless really. I fill the role of being Mom, friend, co-worker, significant other, sister, daughter, spiritual teacher, psychic medium…

Whoa. Wait. What?! Hold the boat on that last one.

It was brought to my attention quite awhile ago that the idea of taking on the “title” of a psychic medium to describe a part of what it is that I do can bring up some major resistance in people. For the longest time, even though I knew that was one of the roles that my soul was yearning to fully step into, I held back because I didn’t know how to wrap my head around it and define/describe it without using THAT particular phrase. The last thing I wanted to do was bring up resistance in people. In fact, that’s exactly the OPPOSITE of what my work was supposed to elicit within these dear souls. So, how in the world could I describe what I do and am offering assistance for on a public platform without using that phrase??? Talk about a confusing mess.

And then it dawned on me.

Maybe that label isn’t necessarily for everyone, even if it is a role that they fill.

Well, of course. That makes sense. Not everyone who does this work is willing to fully own it or embody it in a very public way. Doesn’t make it good or bad. It just is. I know at first glance that makes no sense at all, but what about if they’ve developed their intuition simply for more accurate personal guidance? Or what if there is an inner sense of undeservedness in doing this type of work? I know for a fact that that is exactly where I started exploring within myself when trying to wrap my head around putting myself out there for other people to know about and reach out to. It’s almost as if some practitioners who are publicly and professionally doing readings and working with clients in this capacity don’t want to use that title, not necessarily because it raises resistance in the general public – but actually, the phrase raises a sense of underservedness or unworthiness within themselves. It’s like you can hear that darned little egoic, fear-laden, judgement-filled voice in their head trying to demean their every move…

“How DARE you be doing such sacred and spiritually open work! Just who do you think you are? You’re not good enough of a person to be doing this work! Pshaw!”

Or at least, that’s what that small voice in the back of their head tells them. Who are THEY to be such a egotistical and arrogant person to believe and claim that they can connect with energy and spirits in that manner. It makes my heart hurt. Sorrowfully. Seriously.

Well, seriously, who are they to NOT be doing this work?! If we have been intuitively guided to this place, why let fear hold us back??? If you’ve done the inner work to be able to tap into hearing and understand Source on a more intimate level, which we all have the ability to do if we so choose, then why not own that?

I know this, because I’ve been there. And I still fall in that hole sometimes. But then I also realized something.

If that is the title that feels like it best describes what it is that I have to offer the world at this given moment, the people who need those skills and passion are going to be attracted to me. By Law of Attraction, my vibration will draw to me those people who are in need of what it is that I do, regardless of what I or anyone else, chooses to label it. It’s all about the vibrational frequency that I’m putting out there.

Simply put – the title, the label – it’s a guidepost. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Maybe it would behoove me to consider that I would be best served if I, as a teacher and healer, could fully step into what it is that I am and just shine brightly. Like the lighthouse on the shore, calling the ships in that happen to find me. Shining fully. Completely.

“Your fears are just guideposts to growth. Surpass them and embrace your inner light”

~ Joe Keane

If that title pulls up resistance in a potential client, isn’t it really THAT person’s internal work to dig through? And in that sense, most likely, I may not be the practitioner that they are meant to work with. Or, on the flip side of the coin, if this person is the type that feels resistance and steps forward on a regular basis to feel through resistance of any kind, I might just be the best fit for them. That push me/pull me feeling isn’t bad OR good. It’s simply the way we choose to RESPOND to it and the trigger of it – and THAT we have complete control over.

It’s an empowering space to be in when you realize that – We CHOOSE our responses.

If it’s a label that feels like it comes from an ego place, then yes. I get that it may not be appropriate. But if it’s a label/title that feels guided by intuition, for the good of clarity, that helps people somewhat understand more clearly what it is that I do and am capable of, what harm is that?

So I choose to be a brightly shining lighthouse. I choose to own the capacity in which I intuitively KNOW I am meant to serve. I choose to embody me and my purpose and passion in the best way I know how each and every moment.

I am A lighthouse. Not THE lighthouse.

Which means that you too…can be a lighthouse.

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