The Eyes Have It


‪#‎ishineyoushine‬ Project – Day 2

Today’s activity in Liz DiAlto’s 7 Day #ishineyoushine challenge is to finish this sentence: “My favorite thing about my body is _________.”

Yeesh, as self conscious as I am about my body, I just shuddered reading that. Um, yeah…

But glancing through some pics and blog pieces that I’ve yet to publish, I’ve found that my favorite part of my body is – my eyes.

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve grown in leaps and bounds, learning to connect not only with myself, but with others in a way that sets the stage for some straight up, kick ass healing of the heart and soul. And it all has started with, you guessed it – with the EYES. You take the time and effort to look someone straight in the eyes with the intention of helping them courageously work through their “stuff”, you begin to realize that as you are serving them, you are also serving yourself – growing heart and soul – TOGETHER. You are more than likely touching a part of their being that very possibly has been neglected for a long, long time while allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable at the same time – with simply your EYES.

And that my friends, is what #ishineyoushine seems to really be about for me. Growing together, supporting one another, and acknowledging each other’s beauty and light in a way that some of us have never had validated before. Is it internal work? Damn straight it is…but it’s ALWAYS comforting to know you’re not alone. ❤ ❤ ❤ courtesy of Liz DiAlto

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