Let Yourself Shine


I suppose I never gave myself enough credit, which seems to be the case so very often lately. Over the course of the last two years, my entire frame of reference and the people that I spend the majority of time with has changed — significantly. I knew I was making energetic changes in my life. The focal point for my career and my personal interests was coming together in a way that I never dreamt possible and also in a way that I never thought I’d ever have the courage to explore. So many beautiful new people have walked into my life and the exquisite experiences that I’ve been blessed with have been coming one after another after another. Deep appreciation and love for all of it is the only descriptor I can think of that even comes close to encapsulating all of how these shifts have made me feel.

Conversation the other evening with one of my best friends whom I love and respect very deeply revolved around my new found teacher and friend who does reiki treatments with me every week. I’d been looking to click with someone like her for almost two years — a loving, fun, trustworthy, spunky, and intuitive healing soul who isn’t in the business of energetic healing for the money or personal material gain. She’s in it for the love of helping – of being of service. I absolutely love her to pieces and am so thankful for her each and every day. She is an amazing teacher and friend. Without her support and guidance, there is no way I’d be doing intuitive readings and coaching in the capacity that I am now. She is my spiritual mama, of sorts. This was what I was telling my friend. His response to my giddiness, my excitement in having met her, stopped me dead in my tracks:

“You know, all these things that you love about her, honey, you are all of those things too. You know this, don’t you? You attract that which you are. YOU are just as amazing as she is.”

All I could do was look at the ground and half shuffle my feet, wringing my hands, and peer up at him from beneath tear-dampened eyelashes with a lump that quickly settled in my throat. Maybe he had a point? I know how the law of attraction works, but I’d been so busy talking to others about it; about aligning with what feels right and passion-driven, with tuning into our emotions to help us focus on what it is we truly desire in life…that I’d forgotten to consciously apply it and recognize it within myself as a well. He had a point – a vital one and one that I think so many people, especially those in highly nurturing-type roles, tend to forget.

“The light that you seek is within you. So the search is going to be an inward search. It is not a journey to some goal in the outer space; it is a journey in the inner space. You have to reach your core. That which you are seeking is already within you. You just have to peel the onion: layers and layers of ignorance are there. The diamond is hidden in the mud; the diamond is not to be created. The diamond is already there — only the layers of mud have to be removed.”

~ Osho

For all the beauty and light and love that we see OUTSIDE of ourselves, it is next to impossible to recognize it if we are not that already WITHIN ourselves. When you recognize the amazingness of the girlfriend who seems to have a massive amount of compassion for people in the most difficult of situations; you too have that compassion residing within you. The love that you witness between a elderly couple that pulls at your heart strings and makes you grin because THAT’S the kind of love you want; it’s already in you. The sweet innocence of a young child holding their friend’s hand because they just needed it; you too have that sense of empathy and love and caring for all living things.

His statement was an eye-opener, for absolutely certain. It is a statement that I will not soon forget. It’s a lesson that many of us would best have written and tacked on to a little Post-It note to our bathroom mirror. I know it’s something that will stick with me.


Take your pick lovely. If you are reading this…you’ve brought these words to you because residing within YOU are each of these things. Each and every one. Let them shine, sweetheart.

Let yourself shine…

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