Inspiration via Chaos


Recently, I’ve been going through loads and loads of closets and drawers in my home, cleaning them out, getting rid of old clutter, and reorganizing what’s left. I had originally attributed it to the regular ol’ Spring cleaning mood. What I wasn’t expecting was the massive shift in energy and the emotional upheaval that has been accompanying it ever since.

Not only am I in the process of clearing out the clutter within my physical space, but I’m finding that I’m clearing out, or maybe rather being forced to dive into, the emotional clutter that has been keeping me from all sorts of beautiful things occurring in my life, blessings and abundance that I’d been holding myself away from for so incredibly long. Some of the clutter are things I have been well aware of and have had persistent resistance to addressing. Other pieces within the closet are issues that I never even realized I’d buried there in the first place. It’s scary. I’m not gonna lie. But it’s exciting more than it’s scary. More and more skeletons are emerging from my closet than sometimes I feel like I can handle. It’s beginning to ignite within me passions that I had not dared let myself ponder on. Writing (bigger and bolder), creating, speaking, presenting, inspiring…all from the heart. All from the soul. All from a newly intensified sense of courage that is continuing to grow daily. Stepping into the fearlessness of passionate living and taking the action (both physical and mental) necessary to come into alignment with what feels right and true within my own divine purpose.

It’s been a doozy of a week. No exaggeration there.

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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