All That Glitters…

Deliberately and meticulously, I folded each square of glittery, silver paper into just the right sized triangular-shaped packet. My delightful little daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on this next one. Her scissors were already in hand and that sweet half-smile of anticipation was playing on her pink rosebud-shaped lips. This was the last of nearly a dozen or better snowflakes that her, her older brother, and myself had been working on on this crisp December morning to adorn our windows for the wintery season upon us.

“Ya know Mom, I think the unfolding part is the best part of all. You never know what it’s gonna look like but they are all SO pretty!”

Oh, my goodness sakes…from the mouths of babes.

How true is that statement? I mean, seriously people. The unfolding…how life plays out, each amazing and illustrious moment in our lives. It’s the journey or the unfolding that is the most decadent part, isn’t it? It’s all in each second of life, the events, the trials, the joys, the learning…all of it…big and small…that makes this ever-expanding human experience such an amazing voyage. And never, ever is there a snowflake that looks the same. Not one. Each is it’s own little individual world of crystals that glitters in the sunlight as it reflects back to us that light. Just like how we each shine our own inner light out there for everyone to see and draw inspiration from…hmmm…

Photo Dec 07, 11 33 06 AM

As these thoughts kept dropping into my mind, I couldn’t help but sit in awe of this wondrous little blonde beauty that was so patiently waiting for me to finish folding her last artistic window decal for the morning. I handed over the creased layers of paper to her eager hands while I allowed this illuminating little discovery to sink in a tad bit deeper.

Wow. Just wow.

I mean, we come down to this world in our packet, with layer upon layer, and just like the packet that my daughter is busily whittling away at, between our spiritual selves and our human selves, we are carving out a smooth curve here and a rough edged corner there, each experience molding and shaping us as we go. Some of them are a bit easier to flow through, some of them we’ve chosen to make a little more difficult, those tight corners and such, but all of them help to create the magnificent being that is us.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve always read and been told that it’s not the destination that is the important part but that it’s the journey in getting there that makes us who we are. More importantly, it’s not even about a destination but a flowing through of this human experience as best we can, learning as much as we can, loving as best we can…that is the key.

She triumphantly sets down her scissors and gives me a huge smile, ear to ear. The kind of heart-warming grin that graces Hallmark cards. My heart absolutely melts. She starts to delicately brush away the stray pieces that are still trying to hang on. The unfolding begins, layer by layer, crease by crease, until she has the delicate silver snowflake splayed out on the table. She points out a small cut that she made, but then decided she didn’t want a shape there, so she just left it. “It’s okay,” she says. “Nobody will notice it. It’s still beautiful.”

You’re right, my darling. So very right.

6 years old and she doesn’t know that she just handed her mother one of the biggest epiphanies she’s had in awhile. You’ve gotta love the innocence and clarity that a child can bring to the table.

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